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Calcium 500mg / Mag 250mg / Zinc 25mg

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Did you know that you have more than 200 bones? They hold up your body, and, along with your muscles, keep you moving. Basically, without bones you'd just be one big blob!

Collagen and calcium work together to make bones strong and flexible. All together, the bones in your body form your skeleton. Your skeleton is very strong, but also very light.
Taking calcium-magnesium together can support a more effective absorption rate while maintaining a steady metabolism which encourages stronger bones

- 90 tablets

- Promotes healthy sleep
- Maintains strong bones and healthy teeth
- Helps prevent osteoporosis
- Plays a role in relieving symptoms of PMS
- Good for adolescents and post-menopausal women
- Aids function of nerves and muscles, including regulation of normal heart rhythm

- Calcium 500mg
- Magnesium 250mg
- Zinc 25mg
- Vitamin D 5mcg (200 iu)


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